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Various views of barberry to aid in spotting it on your property.

Barberry and Ticks

Barberry and Ticks Japanese Barberry (Berberis thunbergii) is an invasive plant native to Asia. Common Barberry (Berberis vulgaris) is native to Europe and Asia. Barberry can invade forests, meadows, wetlands, and dunes. These were introduced in this country as ornamental plants and now have invaded our natural areas. The barberry’s dense […]

forest view
Autumn Olive crowding out native vegetation.

Autumn Olive

This shrub was introduced from Asia and has become a nuisance in Michigan. It is sometimes mistakenly called Russian olive. Russian olive is a related species of tree. Both can be a problem, but autumn olive is more prevalent in Michigan. It colonizes roadsides and fields and soon forms impenetrable […]


Is it Oak Wilt?

  Why we care Oak wilt kills healthy red oaks. White oaks can also be affected but are more resistant and less vulnerable to mortality from the disease. Once a red oak becomes infected with the oak wilt fungus, the tree will die, and there is no treatment to save […]

fruit trees

Oak Trees

Oak trees are commonly one of the last trees to loose its leaves in the fall. If you should happen to notice early and/or significant die off, please call immediately as Oak wilt can kill a full grown tree in weeks.

maple tree
elm tree

Birch Trees

Bronze Birch Borer


Beech Trees

Healthy                         Diseased