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Environmentally Friendly Tree Injection
Environmentally Friendly Tree Injection


At Scarlata Tree Diagnostic ...we help trees!

  • Landscape is a huge investment with trees being one of your most valuable assets.
  • Trees are one of the most prominent features on someone’s land.
  • Many think that trees take care of themselves.  What most people don’t realize is that our trees that are in urban environments and landscapes have many additional stresses than trees that live in the forest.
  • With Jim Scarlata as your Consulting Forester, your trees can live in harmony with your surroundings.


Services We Provide…

         Jim will evaluate your trees and their environment to determine their needs.  He can help identify any potential problem or deficiencies that your trees could have.  He will also give you advice on best practices for maintaining your tree’s healthiest state.  Jim will provide solutions to correct any deficiencies or problems with your trees.

  • Jim can help you with soil treatment to correct nutrient deficiencies.
  • We can help you alleviate compaction and drainage issues you may have.
  • Many tree diseases can be treated or cured. Including emerald ash borer and beech bark disease.
  • We can also control invasive plants on your property to improve aesthetic values, wildlife habitat, and biodiversity.
  • Native plants can also be planted where necessary to restore the habitat or prevent erosion.

Call Jim today for a full diagnostic investigation of your landscape!